Thunder Over Europe

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This is the story of a B-17 crew.  They were members of the Mighty Eighth Army Air Corp and the 381st bomb group. 

The group trained in Pyote, Texas and Pueblo, Colorado.  After training, they picked up their plane in Salina, Kansas and flew her to Ridgewell, England.  The year was 1943. 

The B-17 formations created a THUNDER OVER EUROPE that announced to the world that the United States was in the war! 

They needed to complete 25 missions.  However, in 1943 there were no fighter escorts and it was more likely you would have to bail out and risk capture.  The more somber reality was that you would be killed in action. 

Prisoner of War.  Evadee.  Killed in Action.  The numbers were staggering.  This is the story of those young men who fought their fears and the enemy to ensure freedom and an end to the war.

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